Caney Fork Cabin

A Modern River Cabin

This modern weekend cabin was designed for a couple along the Caney Fork River in middle Tennessee. Located in the river’s flood plain, it was required to be lifted off of the ground. By raising the living area slightly higher, we were able to capture views of the river. This also allowed us to dig in slightly creating a full size storage area underneath. The clients were very interested in green design and off grid living. The house utilizes many reclaimed materials such as the metal siding, some interior wood features and re-purposed insulation in the walls. An array of solar panels on the roof provides an excess of electricity that is sold back to the grid creating a net-zero result. Rain water is collected off the roof and stored in an underground tank buried in the front yard. By treating this water through a filtration system in the basement, this provides all of the water needed in the home. One additional benefit of burying the tank is that we were able to berm up the earth in the front of the house and create an entrance directly to the first level giving the appearance of a one story home from the street.

The house is 1,550 square feet of living space with an additional 350 square feet of screened in porch.

Photography by Nick McGinn

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